Playtown Recife

Collaborative project to create a playful neighborhood in Recife. Tourism Secretary of Recife.


Recife is a city that has an innovative DNA, that thinks outside the box, produces and breathes creativity. Thinking of ways to increase the potential of those characteristics, the Tourism and Recreation Secretary of Recife got involved in a partnership with CESAR to develop Playtown: a collaborative project to turn Recife into a ludic, plural, connected and even more original town. Playtown was divided in three phases: playful town workshop, hackathon and immersion lab. During the first phase, the community was invited to discuss and debate along with the speakers about the idea of playful towns and how they could take the concept and apply to the reality of Recife Historic Neighborhood. In a second moment, we conducted a hackaton, a creative marathon, that lasted two days and promoted sessions of ideation and prototyping. The aim was to form plural, diverse and multidisciplinary teams to develop potential solutions to transform Recife Historic Neighborhood into a fun and interactive place. At this point, participants of the community with various profiles and backgrounds participated in ideation and validation sessions of those ideas, along with CESAR team using research techniques, ideation, ideas refinement, prototyping and solution validation. After an analysis of all the 21 generated ideas, CESAR team along with a committee composed of several entities of the municipal government, selected 7 ideas to be refined at the third and last Playtown phase: the Immersion Lab. At this phase, a multidisciplinary group was recruited to compose the lab. Along with CESAR team, the groups could mature, prototype and validate the 7 selected ideas. This refinement provided inputs to compose Reference Terms to be used by Recife’s City Council to open public biddings and put the ideas into practice. After all three months of project, Playtown was a success in the effort to promote interventions for a more playful city, more integrated and conscious about the common spaces, specially in Recife Historic Neighborhood. The various community members backgrounds stimulated the reflexion about belonging inside a collective society and improved residents and passersby behaviors, as well as stimulated local culture and creative economy.

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