No more standing in line

Shopping center sales promotions from the comfort of home

Shopping malls incur high costs on special offers and generally, customer take-up is low. Customers do not have the time nor are they willing to fill in the many, long forms to join schemes or to stand in line to exchange their receipts. Thus, whenever there are sales promotions such as for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, Shopping Malls need to invest heavily in setting-up counters and on staff to exchange receipts, to manage the long lines and to deal with the low take-up by their customers, independently of what reward is offered.

As they had this problem, Sonae Sierra Brasil, one of the country’s top shopping mall administrators (which has a network of eleven shopping malls), asked CESAR to study the problem, to identify opportunities and to prototype a solution that would improve the experience for the client and decrease the costs of operating these promotions.

To do so, CESAR has developed Chega de Fila (No more standing in Line), a mobile application (for Android and iOS) that helps customers when they submit their receipts during the sales promotions of the malls of the SSB network. Just by using their cell phone to take a photo of the receipt, customers take part in the promotion in a practical and comfortable way, and more than that they receives double the coupons because they have used the APP.

With the launch of Chega de Fila, Sonae Sierra Brasil took the lead in dealing with automating sales promotions. Still in 2014, the year in which it was launched, the APP was the pioneer in bringing innovation to malls and the take-up was huge and in the years that followed, the rate of take-up quickened even more. Even clients who did not use to take part in sales promotions began to do so because it was quick and easy.

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