Construction and market launch of a device with a national brand, made by and for Brazilians

The Saraiva group has the largest network of bookstores in Brazil. With the advent of digital books, offering a digital reader to keep consumers has become indispensable to the company’s competitiveness. With LEV, Saraiva enabled its customers to access the largest collection of digital books in Portuguese, while responding efficiently to market changes.

The LEV digital reader has been specially developed to meet the needs of the Brazilian reader. It is fully integrated into the Saraiva Digital library, so that registered readers can buy and access its collection in one click. For Saraiva, LEV is an innovative product, since it is the first electronic device to bear its brand. For CESAR, this is an innovation in a business model, as it is the first product built for a company in which it shares in the results of sales.

LEV enabled Saraiva to enter, in a more controlled way, the consumer electronics sector. It is a sales success: from October 2014 until May 2015 it sold more than 10 thousand units. Because of LEV, Saraiva expanded its sales outlets and got closer to its customers, as it can sell books anywhere, at any time.

The partnership between company and institute, working in an open innovation format, led to a device with a national brand, made by and for Brazilians, being built and launched onto the market. The partnerships were not restricted to Brazil, because, in Brazil, we do not have the entire ecosystem needed to build a complex electronic device. Finding partners requires time and negotiation. In the end, companies in France, Switzerland and China played a part in the project.

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