Irrigation Monitor

Decrease in the waste of water and increase of productivity in the Field. Agribusiness.

The central pivot is an irrigation system that is installed in the middle of the plantation, far away from the farm house. This makes it harder to observe the water jet and its eventual adjustment. In extensive cultures, that possess many equipments, any failures may take too long to be detected and cause significant production losses. The water used by a central pivot to irrigate one hectare per day corresponds to the amount needed to fulfill the needs of 200 people. One single pivot, on average, can irrigate 50 hectares, what corresponds to the supply for a 10 thousand inhabitants city. In this light, CESAR has developed a device for monitoring the Central Irrigation Pivot. The information is transmitted through wireless Technologies (GSM and Radio) to a data centre, who, in its turn makes a full picture of the functioning of the pivots available via Internet and mobile phones. It also enables the remote triggering of the equipment. The system also provides alerts that are sent immediately via SMS and/or e-mail in cases of pivot malfunctioning or in cases of problems with the machine’s power cable. The system also provides the full history of detailed information about the functioning of the pivots, that may be monitored anytime with comfort, decreasing water and energy waste and increasing productivity up to 4 times.

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