Hospital do Câncer de Pernambuco

Innovation helping to add more life to people’s lives.
How can an innovation institute contribute with a Hospital that cares for cancer patients?

How can an innovation institute contribute with a Hospital that cares for cancer patients? This question may have multiple answers. One of those is “by helping to add more life to people’s lives”.
Despite many advances in cancer treatment, the number of patients is oftentimes greater than what hospitals can deal with. The stress for employees and patients alike is enormous, and can often harm the quality of life of all involved.

For us to contribute with innovation for such an important and complex institution such as HCP, we need to use an innovative and aggressive approach. It was not enough to analyse IT systems with respect to their flow and usability, in the same way that it was not enough to analyse processes and point out the best one to adopt. We needed, once more, to take a step further.

Thus, we launched an immersive research within the institution, living their daily routine from a humane perspective, from the point of view of patients, employees, volunteers and doctors. After all, everybody needed a voice.

After this experience, where we could listen to and experience the daily life of the routine, we organized a series of group encounters with people from various profiles. In these ideation workshops, a central question guided the discussion: “What is the HCP of your dreams?”

At first sight, it may seem an strange question for an innovation consultancy. However, this approach allowed us to see the problems and the solutions various people that constituted such a diverse and sensitive interaction space.

In parallel, we started prototyping processes in order to find out which one was a better fit to the institution’s reality. After that, a pilot process arose, which took into consideration the particularities and needs of HCP and that was implemented during our consultancy, allowing us to make changes and adjustments to refine the interaction among the sectors.

Meanwhile, we validated points that were previously mapped by the institutions IT, prioritizing those that needed a more urgent treatment and collecting other needs that arose from our immersion in HCP’s work environment.

All of the team’s work was reunited in a report that contains not only the testimonials, analyses, findings and actions, but also the stories, dreams and info graphs that illustrate this sensitive experience, necessary for an emphatic understanding of the complex problems that the manager of a hospital faces daily.

HCP’s body worked side by side with CESAR to make the change through the awareness of all involved in a unique goal.

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