Vagalume Router

Development of a low-cost mesh router to provide high quality internet to remote regions. To Elcoma.

The broadband massification in Brazil through PNBL (Broadband Nacional Program) dealt with obstacles involving the signal’s delivery to the final customer, called “the last mile”. The standard technology adopted to broadcast the internet was WiFi, but its reach was limited, hindering the access to remote regions.The opportunity to lead WiFi signal to remote regions was identified by CESAR, which promoted a partnership with Elcoma to conceive a solution able to attend the needs of the potential market: the Vagalume router. Vagalume is a low cost router that spreads WiFi signal to wide areas without the need of cabling. This wide range can be covered through WiFi mesh network protocol.CESAR co-operated with Elcoma in the whole innovation cycle. The business opportunity was discovered as a result of researches and market analysis, followed by ideation sessions. The project financing operation was modeled and executed by CESAR, which suggested Elcoma to seek for R&D resources, as FINEP’s program of economic subsidy, preparing the technical and business plan submitted to the program. Once contemplated with R&D funds from FINEP, Elcoma hired CESAR to develop the router in partnership with them and to transfer technical knowledge to their team. Overall, from a technological strategy plan consulting project, CESAR helped Elcoma to build a business model to Vagalume. The solution was applied as a pilot in three brazilian states: Maranhão, Pernambuco and Distrito Federal. The results were quite positive and currently Vagalume has been well accepted by the private sector. Since its launch, in the end of 2014, more than 200 equipments were installed in places of high density access, when there is a high amount of connections and data transferring. Universities, events, public squares and malls are examples of places where the solution meets the need of broadband in an innovative way. Vagalume provided to Elcoma with a turnaround in their business strategy, allowing the company to enter the “networking” solutions market, diversifying its offering of products and services beyond the already saturated market of personal computer manufacturing. To CESAR, the experience strengthened its position in the market as a business partner. The innovation center had accumulated knowledge in all areas and disciplines involved in the conception, development and commercialization of the innovation.

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