CESAR opens registrations for the Professional Master’s Design in Manaus

Using design as a tool for increasing competitiveness is one of the main objectives of the course

Have you ever stopped to think about the true function of design within an organization? Many companies do not know, but the importance of this instrument goes far beyond communication and aesthetics. For Wilson Prata, coordinator in Manaus of the CESAR Master’s in Design, one of the main institutes of Innovation in Brazil, this tool is fundamental for the national productive sector.

“Design has the power to raise competitiveness and productivity in companies, whether in the public or private sector. The line that we work on in our Master’s program, for example, is what the market is looking for: a focus on real problems so that students apply the knowledge of the disciplines so as to create practical solutions,” explained Silver.

Another important point mentioned by the coordinator is the value that Design adds to products. In practical terms, for companies that develop items similar to those of their competitors, design ends up being one of the tie-breaker criteria. “Companies, especially Brazilian ones, are learning that when the products offered become equivalent, it is design that differentiates them,” commented Prata.

Design in numbers
Still according to Silver, profitability makes many companies invest in areas such as Design. “Hitherto, it was difficult to measure the return on investment in design, but the Design Management Institute (DMI) collected information over 10 years and found that the performance of institutions that give absolute priority to the use of design – Nike, Target, Walt Disney, Apple – is 228% higher than others that don’t,” he added.

For those who wish to specialize

Registration for the CESAR Professional Master’s Degree in Manaus is open until July 3. A pioneer throughout the North region, the course targets managers and people seeking a professional qualification, as well as teachers and researchers. ”The objective is to offer a course that is academically rigorous and attends to market demands,” commented Wilson Prata.

Currently, CESAR is the only research institute that offers professional master’s courses in Software Engineering and Design. The institution also offers face-to-face and online courses in the ICT area. Further information at www.faculdadecesar.com.br

Check out other benefits that Wilson Silver has listed for those who want to invest in Design, especially for businesses:

• Cost-benefit: In general, research or prototyping activities are always thought to be very onerous, long-lasting and give uncertain returns. Good design ensures fast deliveries that can be quickly tested and evaluated and so improved little by little.
• Creativity: if we listen to the points of view or the needs of other people involved in the process, we can have new ideas and see problems that were not clear until then. A safe environment, where neither design nor any other role is above the rest, also ensures confidence in being exposed to ideas.
• Generating empathy and humanizing: design thinking works on three pillars – people, business and technology. Therefore, this enables business and technology to be targeted as it is based on the tastes, preferences, needs and abilities of the client who will be served by that solution.

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