opens first call for fellows’s fellows program hopes to bring together a diverse group of people with different types of expertise and knowledge to the area of PORTO DIGITAL, in RECIFE, Brazil, one of the top brazilian metro regions and one of the country’s main technology and educational hubs. The initiative, leaded by CESAR, is looking for scientists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, geeks, innovative thinkers, change makers, and creative people that want to understand what is going on at a technology network, contribute to its development, learn, teach and try to multiply their experiments with us back home.’s fellows program aims to bring people to an established, innovative and developing environment, trying to put together both community and individual initiatives. Fellows will be expected to participate in general weekly activities, such as seminars and discussion groups and encouraged to work in their own projects in collaboration with at least two CIEL institutions and, if possible, with other fellows and members of the staff of institutions of the

The fellowship program ranges from a short-term option of three months to a long-term of one year and can be extended at the end of these terms depending on the results from the project the fellow is working on. In the first year we welcome TEN FELLOWS in part- or full-time activities.

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